It’s been a while since I posted. But I’m back.

I’m grateful for an amazing labour experience and the birth of my healthy, happy, beautiful baby boy.

I’m grateful for choosing a wonderful partner who honours me, adores being a father, and knows how to be present to life and love.


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Today I’m grateful for…

…an incredible day of sunshine, relative warmth and blue sky. It was such a beautiful reward after the incessant rain and grey we’ve had.

I think I’ve developed weather amnesia: when it’s sunny, I forget that the weather can be brutal during fall and winter. And when it’s dark and wet and cold in the winter, I forget that sunshine exists.

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Belly Mamas

Today I’m grateful for…

…my fellow pregnant friends Tanis and Caroline.

I met Caroline through a friend, and a week later met Tanis in my photography class. I quickly realised I needed to bring the three of us together.

What’s totally amazing is that we’re due at the same time (Dec 31, Jan 1). How’s that for synchronicity! 🙂

I’m grateful to be sharing this amazing pregnancy journey with such wise and beautiful women.

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Today I’m grateful for…

…waking up to the sweet chirps and chirrups of the chickadees and sparrows on our feeder.

They make my heart sing.

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Today I’m grateful for…

…being in a creative mood. I spent today turning my favourite photographs into sweet gifts.

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Today I’m grateful for…

…not needing to venture out into the nasty weather.

I was super happy to stay cosy and warm indoors.

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Today I’m grateful for…

…a new lamp and 150 watt lightbulbs.

It seems every winter I need more and more light to keep me sane – in addition to my daily dose of SAD lamp light.

This crazy hemisphere!

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